A Very Crafty Day

Hey guys, so A few weeks ago, I know I’m slacking, Molly and I had I believe to be our final ‘crafty’ day. A very sad end, but however, it must have happened eventually. My Aunt especially must be devastated. 🙂

Anywho, so Molly and i were able to do three things 78. decorate Glass Cups with Polka Dots, 76. Make Washer Necklaces (or bracelets and whatever Molly’s was) and 13. Make String Art. If you saw our Vlog everyday for a week post, you may have seen the string art video, but I’ll post it again, just in case.

So, This day was a definite Pinterest Fail. All three of these things were from Pinterest, and the only thing that came close to being okay was my washer bracelet. But, that’s fine.

First, Molly and I decorated the glass cups with polka dots, what Pinterest failed to tell us is that after you paint, you must also cover it with Modge Podge, resulting in a trip to Hobby Lobby. However, the Modge Podge didn’t work either, Molly learned from experience, s now to add to our decorative plates, we now have decorative cups. darn.

After we finished that, Molly and i attempted to make washer necklaces. I’m more of a visual learner, so the images from Pinterest helped me, however Molly just started looping things and I’m not actually sure what happened with hers. But, we made them, somewhat.

And, finally after that, we made String Art

And there we have it. a sad end to crafts, very Pinterest faily, etc. etc.

Much Love and Summer Fun

81 days won’t last forever

Alicia and Molly


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