54. Have a party, 58.) Have a Disney movie viewing party where are people need to “be our guests”, but it won’t be “under the sea” 88. Spa day

Well, with a somber heart, I begin this post. Today is Tuesday, August 13, the last day of summer. Also, with total sadness, I have to report that we didn’t finish all 101 things during this summer vacation. I guess life just gets in the way of things that really do matter. I apoligize on behalf of myself and Alicia for letting all 36,759 of you (or whatever) down. It’s sad to me to think that we had such high aspirations and we failed. 144 things were  a lot, but 101? Next summer, there will only be 50 things because it’s better to have quality over quantity, right? We don’t want to have a repeat of last year and for go bowling, we played wii bowling..that is not the point. The point it to enjoy everything we do and make people smile.

Now, yesterday, Monday, Alicia and a few of our friends came over to my house to get blog stuff done. However, what ended up happening is I made dinner (and it was delicious) and we sat around and enjoyed each others’ company. When we did decide to do stuff, it was 12:00 in the morning and well, it didn’t happen. So, I guess our little pow-wow could be considered a party because there were people, food, and enjoyment. I think that counts.

After our friends left the next morning, Alicia and I completed two blog items: the first was spa day, number 88. Spa day for us was using my Love Lettuce face mask from Lush Cosmetics and painting our nails.

The wonderous stuff that makes our faces amazingly soft and clean.

The wondrous stuff that makes our faces amazingly soft and clean.




Alicia and I just finished putting on our face masks. Looking hot as ever, right?

Alicia and I just finished putting on our face masks. Looking hot as ever, right?

All clean!

All clean!

After, we painted our nails and didn’t take any photos. I picked a watermelon-y color and Alicia picked a sparkle-y red. When we finished our nails, we were going to have a Disney movie marathon, but, instead we watched Hercules on Netflix. It shocks me to think that as a young child I watched that movie. I know I hated it when I was little, but dang, it’s scary. All the freaking Disney movies are so scary. Like Sleeping Beauty. She gets cursed by a witch, goes somewhere she shouldn’t go and pricks her finger and almost dies. What the heck?!? Cinderella. She is a slave. Mistreated by her evil stepmother and then has to, with the help of her only mice friends, become a princess. Ok, maybe Cinderella isn’t that scary..but..Hercules was. The whole fighting scenes and Hades and Pain and Panic. How are young children able to sleep at night? Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney movies but dang.

Well, that’s all I have to say. Look for more posts later about the end of summer.

Much love and summer fun!



Molly and Alicia



9. Make our LIFE BUCKET LIST (Molly)


This list item has been a work in progress for as long as I can remember. I’ve had a list in my head of things I’ve wanted to get done for a long time and Alicia and I decided to finally write our lists down. My list is really long and so I’ll just give you a snip-it of what’s on it.

Mostly, I want to travel and eat food. The food that’s number one on my list is turducken. Turducken is a chicken stuffed into a duck and then both birds go into a large turkey. There is stuffing and other stuff that goes in there too but I really want to try it. I would ask for all the poultry because sometimes you only get the turkey part and if I just wanted turkey, I would ask for turkey, right? I want it all!

Secondly, a mixture of both travel and eating: I want to eat my way through Italy. I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love which is honestly a horrible movie and I’ve heard the book isn’t so great, and my favorite part was when she was in Italy. I didn’t care about what Julia Roberts was saying, I wanted what she was eating! My favorite food “genre” is Italian and Italy just looks like a beautiful place.

Another place I want to travel is to the Great Wall of China. Something about the historical aspect and just the massiveness of it draws it to me.

I want to go to all the 50 states in America. Especially the four corners where Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado meet.

Something else I want to do is win some award. Either an Oscar, Pulitzer, or Nobel Peace Prize will do. 🙂

And I really want to either go to a tapping of SNL or host SNL. You never know 🙂

A lot of the other stuff on my list has to do with my obsession with getting a goldendoodle or traveling, or goals I have.

My main goal now is to get through my junior year of high school with only going a little bit more crazy than I already am.

Well, that’s a little snippet of my LIFE BUCKET LIST!

Much love and summer fun!

Molly (and Alicia too)

1. Make a rainbow cake, 10. Make a fruit roll up fortune cookie, and 11. Make ice cream

Sorry for the delay with our posts, but don’t worry, we’ve been getting stuff done(ish).

Anyway, hello everyone. On Thursday, the freaking first day of August, we made a rainbow cake, fruit roll up fortune cookies, did the baby food challenge, we made ice cream, kept three balloons in the air for a minute, bobbed for apples, and we did the saltine cracker challenge. It was a day of delicious food and challenges, I guess.

The most surprising thing we’ve gotten done is the rainbow cake. I was really impressed because we honestly thought it was going to be a Pinterest fail–like all the other projects from Pinterest we’ve done. Though, it wasn’t. The cake was delicious (because how hard is it to screw up a cake from a box) and they looked like a rainbow.

We did an actual rainbow cake where the colors are all together in the cake pan and then we did a layered cake using a scone pan. We ended up just making a mess with the layered cake.

Pre-sliced rainbow cake.

Pre-sliced rainbow cake.

Sliced and eaten cake.

Sliced and eaten cake.

You can actually see the rainbow, correct?!

You can actually see the rainbow, correct?!

The layered cake pieces when they were still batter.

The layered cake pieces when they were still batter.

The cooked cake!

The cooked cake!

DSCN2929 DSCN2935

DSCN2938 DSCN2940

Check out more photos here

I believe while our cakes were cooking away, or at some point during the day, we made fruit roll up fortune cookies. They aren’t hard to make, but just really sticky. You need:
Fruit roll up
A cup or a cookie cutter (something in the shape of a circle)
Paper for the fortunes
A plate or something for you to put underneath the sticky fruit roll up so it won’t stick to your kitchen table.

Your first step is to take the cup or the cookie cutter to make a circle out of the fruit roll up. Make sure the fruit roll up is on a plate or something so it doesn’t stick.

See, after Alicia tried this, the fruit roll up got stuck to the table. We got it off though.

See, after Alicia tried this, the fruit roll up got stuck to the table. We got it off though. She has the directions from Pinterest open on her phone 🙂

Once you have the circle, you place a fortune in the inside. I took a lined post-it note and cut on the lined part to make strips.

Fold the cookie either in half if you are lazy like me or like a real fortune cookie (your choice).


So, I know for sure, after we made the cakes (sorry, going out of order), we made ice cream. Last year we made ice cream and that was the last time I made ice cream so we decided to make it again.

You need:
An ice cream maker of sorts
Heavy whipping cream
Another type of milk. Skim milk doesn’t work well but we used vanilla almond milk and it was so yummy.
Vanilla extract.

Mix your ice cream base together and then pour into your ice cream maker.

Let churn for as long as your ice cream maker says.

So thrilled about having to churn the ice cream.

So thrilled about having to churn the ice cream.

Alicia is excited about holding the freezing cold bowl of ice cream.

Alicia is excited about holding the freezing cold bowl of ice cream.

The finished product. The ice cream my maker makes is supposed to come out nice and smooth and it did. Yum.

The finished product. The ice cream my maker makes is supposed to come out nice and smooth and it did. Yum.

Well, look forward to an updated array of post that are in the works.


Much love and summer fun!



Molly and Alicia

66.) Make a vlog everyday for a week and post it on youtube

Hey guys, so last week Molly and I vlogged everyday, some we were together, others we weren’t. But, here they were. Watch them, they’re fun. 🙂

Thursday July 18th- Make Shadow Puppets

Friday July 19th- Blog Award- nominations and such

Saturday July 20th- Go to the Dunes

Sunday July 21st- Day After Dunes and Molly’s Vlog- jobs i think

Monday July 21st- Smoothie Vlog and Just another Molly Monday

Tuesday July 22nd- 5 minutes with Maddy

Wednesday July 23rd- Make String Art

Much Love and Summer Fun

81 days won’t last forever!

Alicia and Molly!

37. Go see some movies and 87. Manicures/pedicures

Hello all!

Before 81dayswontlastforever goes on a brief hiatus due to the fact I’ll be in Disney World with my mom and sister, Alicia and I have some blogging to catch up with. Today, after a week of being extremely busy, Alicia, our friend Alex (who has helped out with the blog), and I went and saw Monsters University. It was ok, not phenomenal like previous Pixar releases.

Overall, I would give it about 3 out of 5 stars. The overall plot wasn’t very thought out and though the characters already had some background with Monsters Inc, the prequel was not needed. (SPOILERS AHEAD)
It was interesting how Mike and Randall (the good guy and the bad guy) were roommates in college and then their relationship drastically changed when Sulley joined the scene and it was nice that Randall’s character foreshadowed information of Monsters Inc such as there was a poster on the dorm wall that said “The Winds of Change” or how Randall and the Mike/Sulley duo were competing, and Mike even made the OK team do scary feet and pre-scaring exercises. I thought in the first movie, Mike seemed to be a pretty confident character and all the other monsters liked him but in the prequel, he was bullied.

I didn’t understand why one of the OK fraternity brothers was an older guy who ended up with the one character’s mom. That was a weird add-on that was completely unnecessary…Heck, the whole movie was unnecessary. And the ending with the campers? What was that all about? And then how the professors kept talking about Sulley’s father. It was played up so much and then towards the end of the movie, there was no references again. Is there a deleted scene that the viewers should see?

And usually the short films that play before the movie are really good. For example, La Luna which played before Brave was amazing and creative. Or, one of my favorites: For the Birds which played before Monsters Inc was movie magic. My second favorite, Partly Cloudy, should have been a movie in itself. However, The Blue Umbrella  was a disappointment. It was a cute five minute love story..about two umbrellas. Alex said that if the short had a yellow umbrella instead it would have been How I Met Your Mother.  

Anyway, so Monsters University like many prequels (and sequels–I’m looking at you Cars 2) should not have been made. A wise teacher Alicia and I had in eighth grade said no movie should ever need a sequel and I agree. Sequels and such just become money makers instead of an original feature.

So, after finishing the movie and our lunch at Chipotle, Alex left because Alicia and I got manicures and pedicures. It was super relaxing and the guy who did my nails was very kind.

At the particular nail place I go to, they always have HGTV on the TV and I don’t understand two things about the houses they have on that channel. One: The house, no matter if it’s a $200,000 house or a $948,000 house, the furnishings are horrible and the walls are the most horrid colors I have ever seen. Who has a $948,000 house and just a bed with a white down comforter in their “master suite”? And the second thing that confuses me is the kitchens! You want the people to purchase an almost one million dollar house that has a kitchen that is smaller than the one we have in our two bedroom house in the burbs? Really? If my house was almost a million dollars, that thing would have at least an island in the middle of the kitchen!

Anyway, for Alicia’s nails, she picked a light purple for her toe nails and she picked almost a tomato red for her fingernails. Both look splendid, of course.

Modeling her tomato-y nails.

Modeling her tomato-y nails.


For my nails, I chose a light pink for my fingers and a teal for my toes.


My very pudgy toes.

My very pudgy toes.

One thing that separates Alicia and I is that Alicia is very tickleish. When you get a pedicure, they rub this thing on your foot to soften the skin on the bottom of your feet. Well, when you are tickleish and they do this, it’s sort of the funniest thing I have ever witnessed. Oh poor Alicia. According to the guy who did my nails, I flinched once..but who’s counting?

So, that concludes our adventure for today. Alicia probably will be posting things about our vlogs and then our arts and crafts day. So, look for that!

Much love and summer fun!



Alex, Molly, and Alicia


23. Go to the Indiana Dunes

Hey guys, so Molly and I went to the Indiana Dunes on Saturday, we pretty much explained it in the quick video, so here are a few more pictures from our day.

Much Love and Summer Fun


Alicia and Molly

66. Vlog for a week and 93. Get jobs (Molly!)

Enjoy my first vlog by myself!
Much love and summer fun!